Working from home

I love days like the last few as I have been doing loads of personal growth. The kids are home and are at an age where they can do their own thing but still need me. Things are taking their time but that's ok I have been dealing with a very bad bout of depression. My cerebral palsy has changed me again making me feel that I am losing my independence bit by bit but I am fighting back. I am learn to do things a different way and learning to accept a bit of help.

Paths are never straightforward but I am beginning to do more with what I have got. Yes "The Secret" by  Rhonda Byrne has helped me but there is many other facets that have. Sir Richard Branson's book "Screw It Let's do it" has given me hope that grabbing whatever comes along and taking every chance I can to get what I want. Because I know I need to be able to do things.

So posting where I am working from and being able to be grateful for what I have and show it is a way to be positive for what I do have.