The Beginning of Autumn

So the kids are going back to school next week back here in the UK and summer has been really gorgeous, so although I planned to wear make up I found that I sweated loads on my face so decided just wear a #Younique #LipBonBon and a mascara, with a touch of foundation by #Benefit #HelloFlawlessHoney .

Which is why I didn't blog as much about make up as I had planned. Plus I had been away so didn't want to take too much with me.

So as soon as the kids go back it's almost autumn so I began changing my seasonal make up. I do this so that my skin stays warm looking despite having an English Rose skin tone,which is pale and goes pink but looks washed out in winter. So in my next blog I will have the photos of what my autumn makeup is. Over the next few months #Younique is brining out some new products that i totally will get but right now I am still using products that i have had for a long time in my kit.

Yes I know I should change them regularly due to the possibility of infections, but just like every person I have held on to some of my favourites. One thing I have done is got rid of the foundation that I was using as it was perfect for summer and swapped it out for the autumn and winter one I use although I will be getting a new one from #Younique.

I have seen #Lisa Potter Dixon latest video which she shows how to do a #CopperSmokeyEye. It's completely stunning and wanted to use that as the basis of my autumn look that can be used continually using similar tones.

More blogs soon on this.



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