A fascinating read

My most recent read has been brilliant. Imperium Omni; Captian's Edition By Mathew S Thomas.

The book is about a half-Elven half human character called Shadow and his adventures as a new member of  Explorers Guild. He is given his first mission to  Explore a far distant area of the country where he was born but he's not the average explorer.
It is a great book with nods to Lord of the Rings by Tolkien by the use of Elves, Humans, Goblins and other creatures of similar ilk.

Without giving too much away it is full of adventures and battles along the way and his time in the valley. He  is met by a character called Drudgeon who is his help in the beginning of the valley and they meet various others who want to help or hinder the main mission that Shadow is on. I can't really say much more about the story as you must read it.

As a story in its own right, it is a fantastic read. I can see where Mathew Thomas's skill as a RPG person has come through the story with it being full of adventure along the way.

It is a book I would recommend for someone who loves adventure stories and knows role playing games and wants to cross the barriers between the two different genres.

my score is 4/5