A Sleepy Day

Today has been one of those days where all I have wanted to do is sleep. There are so many things that need to be done but my head is screaming sleep. So I am sitting on the sofa writing this blog. I haven't written blogs properly for ages but other things have taken over which is fair. As my priority is the family comes first.  But I love makeup and my favourite makes are #Benefit and #Younique.  My inspiration as a makeup artist is @Lisa_Benefit as her styles are forward thinking yet simple to do. I also think that the classic looks are so fresh and understated as they show how people can look without being overdone.

 This is a picture of Dame Elizabeth Taylor fairly young in her career as an actress. In the picture, you can see how her eyes were done subtlely with the exception of the eyeliner which is accentuating her amazing eyelashes which were naturally really thick. 

Here is a picture of Marylin Monroe thanks to Instagram @classic.filmsIn the picture you can see again the natural look of her eyes with the extension of her eyelashes and also with the cat flick on her eye sockets to open her eyes and yet her lips were defined so you are being focused towards them. Yet the colour that was used is a nude looking tone thus making you think that she was staring directly.  
Above is a picture of @Lisa_benefit that I saved from my phone and in this look she along with my other heroines she subtly does her eyes using shades of brown and lashings of mascara. Lisa has an amazing smile which is stunning in this picture. She is wearing a brilliant shade of red which emphasises and finishes her look really well.
I am constantly trying to emulate these amazing looks but I am never sure if I have got these looks right.

This is my favourite picture of me but I am getting new glasses so I will have to rethink my looks as I always feel that glasses have to be hidden in some respect but yet still make an impact.

So I will post a photo of my new ones when I get them next week.


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