A New Box

I have done loads of posts on and off about #MyLittleBox which I really like and loved getting. However as a #Younique presenter as I have access to awesome make up and skin care, I'm yet to try, I decided to stop receiving it. I searched around for various ideas of monthly boxes that could incorporate a bit of a surprise but yet be useful to me. And after a few days search and deliberation I decided to go with #PinkBox .

Being a busy mum to twins and still having what some call lady trouble I decided that it was the best option. I don't have to think about having to get monthly supply of what I use. Yet I still have some surprises. As well as the usual they have come up with some lovely bits. I have only had two months worth and really liked what has come so far.

In the first one was two little pieces of chocolate and a rather nice tea bag along with a proper sized hand and lip balm that my daughter took as she was suffering from severe dry lips and gel for down below to balance things. It also came with a bag.

This month's came with a lovely smelling hand cream, nail polish, a smokey eye pencil,chocolate circle, chamomile tea tea bag, a marshmallow bar, 2 oat cakes and wipes, as well as the monthly. I have tried the hand cream I have tried once to see or rather smell it and was it delicious. But as it is not due for a few weeks I haven't tried anything else as yet.

For me this is probably the best selection box with a little bit of good yet also naughty things along with the most important items that every woman will at some point forget to buy. Other than what I use monthly, I will take photos of all the little things that are surprises and review them.

It is definitely worth the £12.99 including p&p.