A Girly Night Out In March.

 So a girly night out with the rest of my team was had in early March to get to know them as part of the Younique team. We got together for three games of Bowling. It was so fun to get to know each member by playing both together and yet in groups of 3. One member had to pull out at the last minute as she was poorly.
I was teamed with one of my newest yet closest friend who has supported me through some very difficult times recently. Being part of this team has made things so easy and less stressful around my own life.

The picture above is one of my closest friends and myself. The team is headed by an awesome woman who has supported all of us in the team really well and spurred me on in the business. Thus making it enjoyable to be part of the team. The makeup itself is amazing and I will review each bit as I have time.
e an amazing team member
Two other amazing.ng team members who I now class as true friends.
As part of the night, some of the team received awards for working so hard within  our own businesses too, which I was one of the lucky ones who got a reward.
If you would like to contact me regarding my team then do via my email address.