The Last Week

So the last week has been one of those where I have been quiet. It's been a tough week but worth it, I have such brilliant friends who are ready to support me even when I am really struggling.  There are several who have thought they were but their way wasn't what I needed although they tried. I am grateful for their efforts but they were unable to help me but moving forward just a few days I nearly feel ready to makeup again and with the seasons  changing I'm looking forward to swapping over bits.

In my shopping haul from last week which was mainly for things for the house, although I did picked up a #RealTechniques foundation sponge which can be used for any types of foundation and concealer. I haven't used one in absolutely ages so am looking forward to being able to try it again especially as #Lisa_benefit uses one.

So over the next few days I will be putting out a few blogs that I have half organised.