My look today

Today I am wearing #Benefit #Younique and #Nars.
The foundation is #honey by #Benefit my blush is #Nars but my eyes and lips are by an up and coming company called #Younique.

I have a palette of colours which is absolutely gorgeous. I did a typically subtle smokey eye using the colour called #Determined as the base colour all over my eyes then using the colour #Flippant as the colour in my crease and #Cheeky
for the outer eye
My #Kohl eyeliner was also by #Younique called #Perfect and although I love it for the waterline of my lower lashes I have found that I couldn't use it very well on my lids. This does not detriment the eyeliner its self just I can't use it on my lids but am looking forward to replacing my normal liquid eyeliner by one should they bring out one.

My lips are first coated with my foundation and then I put one coat of #Younique lipstick called #Upscale. This has to be my favourite lipstick as I have found it to be incredibly soft yet moisturising. There's a plus even more to this and that is that it's not oily which means that the lipstick will stick  your hair to it in the wind.