Oh what a day

Today my day has been one of those days I just feel like my heads blown up due to the things going on. I have been working on this website and its been a real learning curve. Over the next few weeks I will be linking up with other sites that I use like Google+.
Today's makeup has just been a simple lipgloss by @TanyaBurr called #arura which is a lovely pale pink. You can get it in Superdrug in the UK and from the website feelunique. Check it out!

I won't be doing make up tutorials as there many people doing them however I will give my own view on designs as a disabled person what I find easy to do and what's not easy.

My favourite makes of makeup are #Benefit #Maxfactor #Maybelline  #MakeupRevolution. I have started using #Rimmel as a primer and am finding it as almost good as #Benefit but slightly heavy to start with but it blends really well and becomes really easy to use.

Love for now


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