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I was tagged by @mildredsfierce @queen_marilyn_monroe @_queen_elizabeth_taylor_ and @marilynsoldhollywood to do the “Who Do You Prefer” challenge! Thank you!

1. Elizabeth Taylor vs. Marilyn Monroe: Always both!
2.) Gene Tierney vs. Ava Gardner: I love Gene, but I must go with Ava on this one.
3.) Katharine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy vs. Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall: Bogie and Bacall!
4.) Eleanor Powell vs. Cyd Charisse: I have not seen as much of Eleanor as I have of Cyd, so I’ll say Cyd!
5.) Film Noir vs. Screwball Comedy: Oh easy! Film Noir..
6.) Vertigo vs. Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock): Two great movies. But I think Vertigo is the greatest.
7.) Vivien Leigh vs. Hedy Lamarr: No! Two of my favorites. I say both.
8.) Doris Day vs. Julie Andrews: Julie Andrews!
9.) 1930s vs. 1940s: As much as I love the 1930s when it comes to movies, the 1940s was something else…
10.) Lauren Bacall vs. Barbara Stanwyck: I adore them both. But I’ll go with Lauren.
11.) Jean Harlow vs. Mae West: Jean Harlow!
12.) 1940s vs. 1950s: Without a doubt - the 1940s!
13.) Lucille Ball vs. Carole Lombard: Lucille Ball!
14.) Silent Films vs. Pre-code: Pre-code
15.) The Philadelphia Story vs. High Society: This is easy, since The Philadelphia Story is one of my favorite movies. So I think you can tell which one is my choice.
16.) Billie Holiday vs. Ella Fitzgerald: Great ladies! I say Billie Holiday.
17.) Irene Dunne vs. Jean Arthur: This one is very hard.. but I’ll say Jean Arthur. I think that she’s incredibly underrated.
18.) Gregory Peck vs. Montgomery Clift: Oh dear! Two of my favorite actors. But I’m very fond of Monty, so it’s Monty!
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